Delaware, OH, USA

Multi-Site Cabling, MM Fiber, & Network Hardware Installation

Cloud & Multi-Site HD Cameras

Multi-Site Access Control

Campus Communications, Paging, & Sound-Masking

We are a specialized integrator that that installs technology, communication, and security solutions across multiple sites.

Serving clients / Providers in:

  • K-12 Education
  • Early Education
  • Healthcare
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Commercial Offices

We partner with:

  • Managed Service regional IT Providers
  • Management Companies
  • Property management Companies
  • Franchise groups
  • Select companies with more than one location
  • Low-maintenance small campuses

Multi-site Features:

  • Cameras – Remote management and viewing of unlimited cameras across multiple sites
  • Access Controls – Remote management and control of access to doors, and gates across multiple sites with unlimited users
  • Manage remote staff access – Add/remove user access from a central dashboard
  • Deploy – network and communication solutions to multiple sites
  • In-house – We limit working with sub-contractors to improve install quality and consistency
  • Work with your network team to plan and integrate solutions
  • Work with existing infrastructure in difficult buildings to provide the best value

What we do:

  • Learn We work to understand the needs of the client by discussing their people and processes and goals.
  • Recommend There are many solutions to every problem, we work to find the best fit for the clients needs. Sometimes the solution involves new technology, while other times it might just be a process change. We recommend practical solutions to accomplish actual goals.
  • Communicate We work to communicate with off-site and staff at location to make sure needs are communicated and goals are met
  • Coordinate We work with IT staff, local site, & contractors to minimize site visits and scheduling conflicts
  • Document We take before / after photos, and provide video training for future reference, updating floorplans, labeling

How we serve:

  • Professional Neat and clean, organized, and well-trained staff
  • Efficient Fewer site trips – from our detailed initial walkthrus, project planning, off-site equipment staging and prep, the best tools, methods, practices, & scheduling to reduce on-site installation time and overhead
  • Support We support management and providers after install, generally not directly with end users
  • Value We strive to be the best long-term value to our clients (providers), so they can be the best value to their sites (end site staff). We serve our customers by focusing on their needs, not our own sales.

We support the brands that support us: